Amateur Radio

Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club (GSBRC)

Radio Central Amateur Radio Club (RCARC)

Rocky Point, NY

Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club (LIMARC)

Long Island's largest ham radio organization

Has 381 members ranging from 12 to over 80 years old.

Suffolk County Radio Club (SCRC)

Founded in 1947, SCRC is the oldest ham radio club on Long Island.

The Radio Club of J.H.S. 22

WB2JKJ. P.O. Box 1052, New York, NY 10002

24-hr Hotline: (516) 674-4072

Non-profit org using Ham Radio to enhance the education of youngster nationwide. Join us "Class room net" 7.238 MHZ, 7 a.m. E.S.T. PSE QSL!

Broadcast Employees Amateur Radio Club (BEARS)

BEARS is the employee amateur radio organization of Disney/ABC/ESPN in New York City. They provide amateur radio training, testing and communications support services to public and private disaster response agencies in the greater New York area.

Ham Radio Call Lookup

Federal Communications Commission

The Original Famous and ex-Hams List

Compiled by N2GJ and W2SG


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